Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Animal Protection Laws Need to be Changed in New Mexico

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My mission is for the state of New Mexico  to change its laws regarding the safety and well being of dogs in this State.
Bernalillo County has instituted laws that makes it unlawful to chain (tether) dogs outside, among other laws that protect the well being of animals, while the state hasn't. Not only does this cause confusion, its simply wrong that we arent protecting our animals from abuse in New Mexico. The fact that its ok to have sex with an animal in New Mexico speaks for itself. New Mexico Ranks in the bottom again for allowing animal abuse.  http://aldf.org/staterankings/

Bernalillo took action and implemented changes in August of 2014.

Bernalillo law now states the following:

“The new animal care ordinance shows the county’s continuing commitment for the animals that are part of our county community,” says Commissioner Art De La Cruz. “Humane treatment of animals is the expectation of all pet and animal owners and Bernalillo County will hold accountable those who mistreat their animals.”
Highlights of the new ordinance:
• All dogs and cats must be microchipped.
• Animals that are found running loose twice will be required to be sterilized.
• Dogs can no longer be tethered/chained. Dogs must be contained in a yard, behind a fence or in a kennel of adequate size to allow for exercise and room to play or jump around without hitting themselves against the enclosure.
• It is now illegal to transport your dogs in the open bed of a truck. It must be in a kennel or crate secured to the truck.
• A litter permit is needed if your dog has puppies or your cat has kittens.
• A breeder permit is required for every animal used for that purpose.
“Animal Care Services is committed to helping people succeed and enforce the law when necessary,” says Animal Care Services Director Matt Pepper.

“Our goal is to create the best possible environment for both the animals and citizens of unincorporated Bernalillo County and we feel this ordinance is a big step in that direction.”

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Chained up and not able to get water

OCT 18 2014 UPDATE:

Nmdog.org was able to retrieve the chain from the owners. Also they fixed the fence and put straw in the igloo dog house. Spayed and neutered was also talk about and I think the owners of the dogs will take the free offering. I was able to meet the owners and well and see that things have approved with the dogs greatly. Now lets make it against the law to use such chains.

If you want to help, here is my contact information:
Rob Vitek